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How to Consume Diet Supplements, How to Enhance Absorption of Protein
2019-06-27 20:26

How to Consume Diet Supplements

How to Enhance Absorption of Protein

Director of MedRex Hospital, Seung-ho Choi.

There are many of those who are diligent and begin to shape their body 4-5 months before Summer. Medically it is proven that impractical dieting with just two months remaining can bring side effects. Therefore, it is helpful to carry out steadily from about March or April for health benefits and to prevent any yo-yo effect.

Protein is an essential part of a diet and it is mandatory for consumption in order to grow muscles, and good muscles can result in a toned body for both men and women. Also, you do not gain weight easily when you have a lot of muscles due to the increase in basal metabolism.

Basal metabolism : the number of calories that is naturally consumed to sustain the muscles; the higher the value, the higher the consumption of calories in proportion to the number of muscles

Protein Shake, Difficult to Digest & Absorb

Many people use protein as a meal during the day because it supplements protein and reduces the consumption of carb and fat. Normally, they drink protein by mixing it with milk, and although this is a method, it is painful for people who are lactose intolerant.

Lactose intolerance is a symptom of stomach ache or diarrhea caused by the inability to digest or absorb the components of milk. This is because every person has a different physical constitution of digesting or absorbing milk components. Most protein is made from milk protein, so if you add more milk to it you can suffer unpleasant inner symptoms.

Increasing Digestion and Absorption for a Long Time During Consumption

Protein may be essential in a diet, but it is no use if it does not digest or absorb. I cannot digest milk well either, so I wondered how to consume protein without mixing it with milk, I made two attempts.

First Attempt
I tried just chewing it. Then, I secreted saliva because my salivary gland was stimulated. As you may know, the saliva contains digestive enzymes that can primarily aid digestion while chewing. The protein breaks down for digestion due to pepsin or pancreatic enzyme secreted from the stomach. There are many ingredients included in the protein supplement other than protein. Therefore, drinking liquid shake skips the primary digestion. As for cons, the powder sticks the mouth ceiling so it is slightly uncomfortable.

Second Attempt
However, I found a trick, and I added thin slices of apple on top of the powder. The texture and taste were good because there was an appropriate amount of fruit juice from the apple. On the one hand, I wondered what it would be like to have this on the café menu. If there is at least one healthy menu in a coffee store, then I would find for it every day.

Protein, High in Digestion and Absorption in Itself

Whether you can consume it or not, the long-term digestion and absorption changes according to the eating method like above. Even the raw material that was used to create the protein in the first place can determine the digestion and absorption. This also should be the actual role of protein supplements. Protein is the composite body of amino acid, and therefore its quality is determined by whether it is built of amino acid. Simply put, there is a difference in digestion and absorption, etc. depending on the raw material.

There is a protein with high digestion-absorption rate, similar to a mother’s breast milk and is a raw material to make protein supplements, which is mountain goat milk. Try and search on a portal website for a protein made out of mountain goat milk. And of course, it would be good to choose the one including a lot of mountain goat milk ingredient.

You will be able to steadily consume mountain goat protein, for a long time without getting tired of it, if you add fruit slices. Thus, have higher chances in succeeding your diet.