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The 8 Vaccines All Adults Should Know : What is vaccination?
2019-06-07 14:39

The 8 vaccinations all adults should know
What is vaccination?

It is the most basic and important method for improving immunity to a particular disease by
administrating antigens to our body, thereby producing substances(antibodies) and preventing disease. 


  • The Influenza (flu) vaccine
    Age group 

    All adults

    Method / Best timing 

    1 dose annually  (September to December)

  • Pneumococcal vaccine
    Age group 

    - 65 years and older : protein-polysaccharide combinations

      (13-valent phneumococcal protein-conjugate vaccine / 23-valent phneumococcal polysaccharide-based vaccine)

    - With medical conditions ,such as cancer, chronic diseases (patients with diabetes, heart / lung / liver / kidney problem), alcoholism, smoking, and Immunodeificiency 

    Method / Best timing 

    1 dose annual vaccination at any time ( 2 doses for some patients or revaccination)


  • Shingles vaccine
    Age Group 

    - Recommended for adults age 60 and older 

    - Approved for adults age 50 and older 


    A live vaccine given as a single injection 

  • Tetanus - Diphtheria - Pertussis(Whooping cough) vaccines
    Age group 

    Adults who have never received Tdap including pregnant women 

    Adults who have not been vaccinated within the last 10 years


    - If you have not received the routine vaccination : 3-dose series 

    - If you have not been given additional vaccination within the last 10 years after the routine vaccination : 1 dose 


  • HPV vaccine (Prevention of cervical cancer, anal cancer, etc.)
    Age group 

    Male and female aged 9 years through 26 years


    2-3 doses

  • Hepatitis A vaccine
    Age group 

    Adults who do not have antibodies against Hepatitis A (especially, patients with chronic epilepsy and hemophilia, travelers from Asian / African / South American countries, and medicla staff 


    2 doses in total (administration for a single booster, normally 6 ~ 12 months after completion of the primary course)


  • Hepatitis B vaccine
    Age group 

     For Hepatitis B vaccine non-responders (especially, a family of the patients with chronic HBV infection or patients who are in need of frequent hemodialysis and transfusions or medical staff)


    3 doses in total (at 1 month and 6 months age after the first dose)


  • Measles / Mumps / Rubella vaccine

    Age group 

     For all age groups who have never received the MMR routine doses , never got those diseases, or who do not have presumptive evidence of immunity

     (especially, women of childbearing age and international travelers in developing countries)


    At least 1 dose


Source: Samsung Medical Center, Infectious Disease Department