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Active spring workouts and relaxing spring workouts
2019-04-19 17:08

Active spring workouts and
relaxing spring workouts

Exercising in the spring sun will help you to wake up the body that was shrunk during the winter. What kind of day is it for you today? A day for an active workout, or a day for more of a relaxed, leisurely workout?

Choosing an outdoor exercise that you want to do can increase your expectation and excitement, which will make it a good spring workout to be remembered in the future. We would like to introduce spring exercises to lighten your body.

Amongst the active outdoor sports there are racquet exercises such as badminton. In recent years, there are many variations of fitness equipment that look similar to badminton. Such racquet exercise like badminton is often a competitive exercise to beat your opponent, so you can exercise your heart and lungs in a short period of time and continue to make use of your upper and lower body muscles, which also helps to strengthen and improve your muscles.

For those who want a relaxed outdoor workout, we encourage bicycling and inline skating exercises with no particular opponent nor competition. In addition to improving cardiopulmonary function, inhaling the fresh air while riding a bicycle and inline skating supplies enough oxygen needed in our body, and to help blood flow smoothly. The aerobic exercise, bicycling, also allows you to control your own speed without putting strain on your joints.

Whether you want an active outdoor workout or a leisurely outdoor workout, it is better to choose a workout depending on your mood. Since you get to choose the exercise according to your mood during the day, you will gain more satisfaction during the exercise and push yourself further. After the workout, you will be motivated to try again next time because of the pleasant memory of the exercise.

It is a given that exercise customized by type, intensity, time, and frequency is helpful to health. However, because of the stress from thinking that you must exercise, the pleasure from exercising diminishes, which leads many to stop exercising. Therefore, you need to choose your workouts yourself, perhaps a little different kind of outdoor workout from your current one, and enjoy your workout.

Source: Seoul National University Hospital Gangnam Center