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10 Ways to Prevent Cancer
2019-01-23 14:40

10 Ways to Prevent Cancer

10 Ways to Support National Cancer Prevention

  • 01

    Avoid smoking and exposure to smoke.

    Secondary smoke may increase lung cancer risk up to 30 percent.

  • 02

    Work out hard enough to sweat for at least 30 minutes per day more than 5 times a week

    Exercise is believed to cut the risk of colon cancer by as much as 40-70 percent.

  • 03

    Avoid salty food and burned by cooking.

    A high intake of salty food is linked to stomach cancer.

  • 04

    Maintain Occupational Safety Guidelines not to be exposed to carcinogens.

    Wearing protective gear will be required while you are treating toxic substances or when at work in an enclosure.

  • 05

    Get Hepatitis B Vaccination.

    74 percent of patients with Hepatocellular carcinoma shows Hepatitis B Positive.

  • 06

    Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and a well-balanced diet.

    Having lots of fruits and vegetables can reduce cancer rates up to 5-12 percent.

  • 07

    Practice safe sex.

    Promiscuous sexual intercourse is the most often associated with cervical cancer, throat cancer, etc.

  • 08

    Limit alcohol consumption as little as 2 glasses of Soju (half a bottle of lighter Soju)

    Drinking alcohol in excessive is associated with risk of esophageal cancer, liver cancer and laryngeal cancer.

  • 09

    Maintain a healthy weight by your physique.

    Obesity is related to cancer in women with 51 percent and in men with 14 percent.

  • 10

    Get regular medical care for various types of cancers.

    By having exams and screenings, stomach cancer death rate will be decreased by 32 percent.

Source – Ministry of Health and Welfare