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Herbal acne cure to manage heat [Myungokhun Oriental Beauty & Mental Clinic]
2018-10-15 15:33

Dr. Kim, Jin Hyoung, Director of Myungokhun Oriental Beauty & Mental Clinic
Herbal acne cure to manage heat.

It is a perfect autumn day for outdoor activities with the cool blowing winds. However, going on a an outdoor activities without any proper preparation may cause you to suffer from various skin troubles such as acne miliaris or purulent acne. Since the weather has been dry and showed a big daily temperature range in this time of year. When the season change, it is likely to get skin troubles.

Skin troubles such as acne which keep coming back during the changing season. It may cause various aftereffects if you don’t take good care in the early stage. Acne scars marks and pigmentation may get lighter and disappear later, but acne scars mostly may not go away. It may be difficult to to cover them with the make-up. And in the end, it often affects your self-confidence.

Especially, for the adult case, the recovery speed is slow and the scar stays for a long time because the grown-up’s skin regeneration speed and degree is slowed down. Patients with the adult acne, it is they are most likely try random products such as a squeeze, an ointment, a cream, a pack, and other cosmetics. However, when you do self-care without dermatologist’s advice or without consideration for the skin condition, it will make the condition worse while it leave scars. So the proper caring and timely treatment are essential for this condition.

If you are in the 20s or 30s and busy with a wide range of activities, you may also be obsessively squeeze the acnes to make it go away faster. In such case, inflammation and bacterial infection become a problem. Probably it will develop acne scars . Also, there are online talks about how to get rid of acne scars, and it makes you use acne scar cosmetic, acne scar cream, acne scar regenerating cream, acne marking pack, acne scar laser without proper diagnosis in many cases.

Herbal acne cure to manage heat

Generally, herbal treatment of acne will be done with a combination of a prescription of herbal decoction to discharge the toxins and a variety of management methods such as extrusion management, herbal acupuncture, acupuncture therapy, entertainer 's pill, etc. This can eliminate the cause of acne in the body and reduce the outward occurrence, herbal decoction according to the constitution analysis has already been proven safe acne treatment by long-term.

Treatment for acne marks changing skin texture

As the acne is improved to some extent, it is necessary to remove the scars and the marks in earnest. A Special acupuncture called "regenerative acupuncture" stimulates the dermis and suppresses acne which is hard to penetrate the skin layer and penetrates the skin to nourish the drug, thereby maximizing regeneration power. Acne scarring may improve after the scar treatment. In other words, the treatment of acne is not just a treatment to remove the acne, but the skin itself is considered to be put to a treatment to restore healthy condition.

“If acne scars are left behind, it is difficult to regenerate them completely with only a single procedure but after 3 to 5 times of treatments the patients themselves can even feel the new skin surfacing and their satisfaction have been high” said Dr. Kim, Jin Hyoung, Director of Myungokhun Oriental Beauty & Mental Clinic. “Acne scars by different form, different skin type, and different regenerative power are likely to be treated differently, and therefore, it is important to select experienced acupuncture practitioners with a rich acne treatment experience” advised Dr. Kim

Herbal acne cure to manage heat

Since getting rid of acne scars can be costly and time-consuming, it is important to keep out the correct habits in daily life to prevent acne occurring in the first place. The major causes of acne can be: stress, lifestyle, drinking, smoking, physical constitution, and health status and acne and scarring become worse when they are accumulated for a long time without improvement.

Above all, in Oriental medicine, acne is a matter of five viscera and six entrails and it takes a lot of impact from what you eat. If you have acne associated with digestive problems, menstrual irregularities, or menstrual cramps, try to avoid instant food or meat-based meals. Having a herbal medicine that corrects internal imbalances, a diet that can provide adequate nutrition, and a fresh vegetarian diet can help keep your skin clean.